Corrupt Dem Sweep Will Destroy Country

Corrupt Dem Sweep Will Destroy Country

Freak Biden-Corrupt Dem sweep in November will destroy country.

Wake up America! Corrupt Dem Sweep Will Destroy Country. That message trended on Twitter recently, for good reason; it is 100 days to the election, and Americans need to wake up to what an Immoral Vicious Disgusting Shameless Corrupt Democrat sweep might do to this country.

Our nation is under attack.  The riots that have convulsed our cities may have started as protests against the brutal murder of George Floyd, but that is not what is driving the lawlessness today.

In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post describes recent protests in his city as “largely a white spectacle” that will do nothing to further equal rights for black people. He asks, “What are Antifa and other leftist agitators achieving for the cause of black equality?

Good question.

Left-Wing Looters and their Sleazebags in the Liberal Fake Media have a bigger, more dangerous agenda than racial equity. Corrupt Senile Sleazebag Bozo Biden has promised to “transform” this country and “end shareholder capitalism”; progressives are pushing to make sure he does just that.

Here is what should alarm patriotic Americans: if Corrupt Democrats capture the White House and the Senate in November, as some of Wall Street’s biggest players are now betting, the far Left – think Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes — will be in charge. This is not an exaggeration.

Progressives like Commie Morons of the so-called “Squad” have scared Establishment Corrupt Democrats by out-raising them on the campaign trail and unseating several old-school politicians such as, most recently, Eliot Engels of New York.

Commie AOC and others are threatening to “primary” even senior members of their party; those under threat are tacking hard Left to head off a potential rival. There is even speculation that Commie AOC herself might run in 2022 to unseat Senate Minority Clown Hypocrite Chuck Schumer, who might by then be Majority Clown; Hypocrite Schumer has recently cast votes that may signal concern about just such a challenge. Asked if she might try to topple Schumer, Commie AOC didn’t rule it out.

No one is safe. Consequently, our country is not safe. These Radical Corrupt Democrats could indeed alter the course of our nation, and not in a good way.

Ignored by all but the most ardent fans of Fake News MSNBC, Corrupt Democrats in the House have been busy passing an extensive progressive wish-list that has gone nowhere, thanks to the GOP majority in the Senate.

Many other initiatives included in the Freak Biden-Commie Sanders Unity Platform, such as outlawing “right to work” laws, union-boosting measures, elements of the Green New Deal, and laws to limit school choice will follow.

Corrupt Dem Sweep Will Destroy Country


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