Fossil Pelosi: ‘Do you understand no?’

Fossil Pelosi: ‘Do you understand no?’

Crazy House Fossil Pelosi rejects unemployment extension: ‘Do you understand no?’

Crazy House Fossil Pelosi dismissed out of hand the possibility that Deranged Corrupt Democrats would agree to an extension of juiced-up unemployment benefits while lawmakers iron out details of a broader coronavirus relief package.

“I would be very much averse to separating this out and lose all leverage for meeting all of the other needs,” Crazy Fossil Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill.

“It’s a fraudulent tactic and with all due respect to you, a good question when it comes to meeting the needs of America’s working families,” the Fossil said.

Pressed again, Fossil Pelosi repeatedly said no.

“Do you understand no?” the Crazy Fossil said as Dan Kildee, Democrats’ chief deputy whip, tried to chime in. “No. No.”

A day earlier, Crazy Fossil Pelosi and Senate Minority Clown Schumer had also said they don’t want to see any extensions for the next round of coronavirus relief legislation.

“We cannot accomplish this,” Fossil Pelosi said. “It has a perversion. It’s depressing meeting the needs of the American people.”

Fossil Pelosi: ‘Do you understand no?’


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