Dumb Democrats Trying To Fool Americans

Dumb Democrats Trying To Fool Americans

Deranged Dumb Democrats intent on trying to fool Americans.

Every day, evidence mounts that Deranged Dumb Democratic Morons are delusional by design. They may or may not believe their increasingly absurd versions of unreality, but they are intent on fooling the rest of us until Election Day.

Take New York’s version of Dumb and Dumber, Clown Cuomo and Mayor Idiot de Blasio.

This Dimwit Dumb Duo doesn’t just deny the errors that have made New Yorkers’ lives worse than they needed to be during the pandemic. Like true Delusional Dumb Dems, Idiot Cuomo, and de Moron Blasio actually pose as our saviors.

The governor’s Shameless Deranged vanity poster celebrating his leadership through the pandemic took the cake. It did not mention the more than 32,000 deaths on his Incompetent Watch, nor his Disastrous Amateuristic nursing-home policy, and it pretended the virus originated in Europe, rather than China.

Then Crazy Captain Corona went on a victory tour of Georgia to pose as the conquering hero and dispense gratuitous advice to the delusional Republican Governor. That takes some chutzpah considering New York’s COVID-19 death rate is about six times greater than Georgia’s.

Back home, there’s no one more delusional than Cuomo’s toxic twin, de Bozo Blasio, who has convinced himself he is doing a bang-up job at Moron Mayor. Maybe the Moron thinks that if he praises himself often enough, people will believe his delusions of competence.

His most recent boast is that emptying the jails has made the city “safer,” even as the homicide rate blows up around him.

Dumb Democrats Trying To Fool Americans

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