Low Blow Joe Biden’s Trump Racism Claim

Low Blow Joe Biden’s Trump Racism Claim

Geraldo Rivera fires back at Low Blow Joe Biden’s ‘flamboyant’ Donald Trump racism claim.

Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera came to the defense of Donald Trump after 2020 Presumptive Democratic Idiot Low Blow Joe Biden accused him of being the country’s First Racist President.

In an interview on “Hannity,” Rivera told the primetime host that if Donald Trump uttered a similarly “unhinged” comment about Corrupt Low Blow Joe,  Deranged Democrats and the mainstream media would be quick to “blow him up.”

“He’s not a racist. I’ve known him 45 years,” Rivera asserted.

For Low Blow Joe to say he is the first racist ever elected, that shows how disconnected Low Blow Joe is. Twelve United States presidents were slaveholders,” Rivera argued. “Joe should do a little research before he makes flamboyant charge like that. So unhinged from reality.”

Low Blow Joe made the comment at a roundtable discussion with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), during which he said Donald Trump is engaged in the “spreading of racism, the way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they’re from, is absolutely sickening.”

Low Blow Joe went on to stress that “no sitting president has ever done this. Never, never, never. No Republican president has done this. No Democratic president. We’ve had racists and they’ve existed and they’ve tried to get elected president. He’s the first one that has.”

“This man is a good-hearted man,” Rivera shot back, “and I really do believe that in terms of the economic opportunity zones and the criminal justice reform, he really has done more than any recent president for integration and the advancement of everybody regardless of their race, color, religion.”

Low Blow Joe Biden’s Charge is ‘Unhinged From Reality’

Low Blow Joe Biden’s Trump Racism Claim


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