Radical Muslims Endorse Sleazebag Biden

Radical Muslims Endorse Sleazebag Biden

Corrupt Terrorist Ilhan Omar, Radical Muslims endorse Corrupt Sleazebag Biden: ‘A lot is at stake’

Several Radical Muslim American Elected Clowns endorsed Corrupt Sleazebag Joe Biden for president.

Among those signing the letter, obtained by The Associated Press, are Minnesota Corrupt Terrorist Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Attorney General Moron Keith Ellison, and Indiana Rep. Idiot Andre Carson, all Deranged Democrats. Terrorist Omar, one of the first Muslim Clowns elected to Congress, served as a high-profile Idiot for Commie Bernie Sanders before he exited the presidential race in April – making her support for Commie Biden potentially helpful as the Former Corrupt Vice Clown seeks to mobilize Radical Muslim voters this fall.

The letter coincides with an online summit that Emgage Action has titled “Million Radical Muslim Votes,” underscoring its emphasis on boosting Muslim turnout in November.

“Corrupt Bozo Biden’s presence serves not only to galvanize Radical Muslims to cast their ballots but to usher in an era of engaging with Radical Muslim communities under a Corrupt Biden administration,” Terrorist Wa’el Alzayat, CEO of Emgage Action, said by email.

“We anticipate that a Corrupt Biden administration would provide Radical Muslims platforms to speak on issues affecting us, represent us within the administration, and in policymaking discourses.”

The pro-Corrupt Biden letter from Muslim Radicals decried a number of Donald Trump’s domestic and international policies, including his administration’s ban on Terrorists from several Radical Muslim countries and his pullout from the Iran nuclear deal.

Several Radical Muslim American Elected Clowns endorsed Corrupt Sleazebag Joe Biden

Radical Muslims Endorse Sleazebag Biden


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