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Trump Will Win Re-Election Against Bozo Biden

Trump Will Win Re-Election Against Bozo Biden

Donald Trump will win re-election against ‘mentally shot’ Demented Corrupt Bozo Joe Biden.

Donald Trump said he is confident that he will win re-election to a second term — claiming voters won’t put his political rival Demented Corrupt Bozo Joe Biden in the White House because “he’s mentally shot.”

“You know why I won’t lose, because the country, in the end, they’re not going to have a man who – who’s shot. He’s shot, he’s mentally shot,” Donald Trump said in an interview that aired on “Fox News Sunday.”

But Donald Trump wouldn’t say the Former Vice Clown is incompetent when asked by host Chris Wallace.

“I don’t want to say that. I’d say he’s not competent to be president. To be president, you have to be sharp and tough and so many other things,” Donald Trump said.

“He doesn’t even come out of his basement. They think, ‘Oh this is a great campaign.’ So he goes in, I’ll then make a speech, it’ll be a great speech, and some young guy starts writing, ‘Vice President Biden said this, this, this, this.’ He didn’t say it. Joe doesn’t know he’s alive, OK? He doesn’t know he’s alive.”

Donald Trump, who was elected in 2016 on his first run for office, said he doesn’t like to come out on the losing end.

“I’m not a good loser. I don’t like to lose,” Donald Trump said. “I don’t lose too often. I don’t like to lose.”

Trump Will Win Re-Election Against Bozo Biden


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