Moron Kanye West First Presidential Clown Event

Moron Kanye West First Presidential Clown Event

Moron Kanye West Speaks Out Against Abortion, Gun Control During First Presidential Clown Event.

Billionaire fashion and music Moron Kanye West kicked off his Presidential Clown Campaign with an event at Charleston, South Carolina’s Exquis Event Center, declaring his opposition to gun control and abortion and his support for legal marijuana.

“Do you realize I’m putting my life on the line for the truth? I understand it’s exciting. It’s a new world, to have someone who’s not afraid of anyone and only afraid of God and in honor of God…” a “security” Moron Kanye West told the packed crowd of a couple of hundred revelers. Organizers said attendees were required to wear masks for the event and were reportedly asked to sign a COVID-19 liability release form.

The Grammy-Moron — who had “2020” shaved into his hair — broke down in tears at one point, revealing that his father wanted to abort him (NOT A BAD IDEA!!!!). “My mom saved my life. There would have been no Moron Kanye West because my dad was too busy,” West said, overcome by emotion. “I almost killed my daughter,” the Moron later revealed, saying he was told by people around him not to publicly talk about how abortion has affected his life. It echoes his comments last month to Forbes that Planned Parenthood abortion facilities exist in cities on behalf of “white supremacists to do the devil’s work.”

Elaborating further, the Jesus Is King Moron said he’d talked to his then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian about aborting their first child, North. Moron West explained that he received a sign from God, called Kardashian, and said “we’re going to have this child.

Moron West later said “shooting guns is fun” and that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” The Moron continued, saying Americans run the risk of being “enslaved” by China or other countries if we didn’t have a Constitutional right to legally own firearms for self-defense. Moron West said people in countries that don’t allow the private ownership of a firearm face that threat, too.

“Israeli women know how to fire a firearm — they are trained how to do it,” Moron West said. “I get to use AR-15s on my 4,000 acre ranch.”

At one point, Moron West admitted that he’s smoked marijuana and also said the drug should be “legal and free.”

Moron Kanye West First Presidential Clown Event

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