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Hollywood Idiot Alyssa Milano: ‘F*ck This’

Hollywood Idiot Alyssa Milano: ‘F*ck This’

Hollywood Idiot Alyssa Milano: ‘F*ck This.’ Demands ‘National Shut Down Now’

Hollywood Idiot and left-wing Moron Alyssa Milano isn’t satisfied that California is going back into economic shutdown mode. The Idiot Wants the whole country to close down — now! — over the coronavirus.

The Charmed Ugly Actress, whose estimated net worth sits at $10 million, demanded a national shutdown in a recent tweet in which the Idiot called for the government to print cash and create a universal basic income. The Idiot also criticized politicians who want children to return to school in the fall, calling them “assholes.”

“Fuck this. We are losing this battle. And all these assholes are talking about our kids going back to school?! NOPE,” the Idiot tweeted. “We need a NATIONAL shut down NOW. Print cash. Give people UBI until we get this pandemic under control.”

California Clown Gavin Newsom ordered this week the indefinite closure of gyms, indoor restaurants, salons, and all bars as the state continues to see a surge in cases of the Chinese coronavirus. Many of these businesses had only recently re-opened following months of forced closure.

Los Angeles has been especially hard hit, with COVID-19 cases spiking to record levels. Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) said that L.A. County now has more coronavirus cases than all of Canada.  The mayor has conceded that the recent Black Lives Matter Looters protests and riots that saw tens of thousands of people crowded together in the streets contributed to the rise in cases.

Hollywood Idiot Alyssa Milano: ‘F*ck This’


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