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Bozo Biden: ‘Abolish the American Way of Life’

Bozo Biden: ‘Abolish the American Way of Life’

Donald Trump claims Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden wants to ‘abolish the American way of life’

Donald Trump and his campaign have been repeating a dire warning about the nation’s future should he not win reelection, claiming that Corrupt Creepy Senile Bozo Biden would “abolish” the American way of life if he becomes president.

Donald Trump tweeted the message, along with an accusation that Bozo Biden – along with left-wing Idiots – are in favor of abolishing institutions, including police, Immigration, and Customs Enforcement and the Second Amendment.

“Joe Biden and the Radical Left want to Abolish Police, Abolish ICE, Abolish Bail, Abolish Suburbs, Abolish the 2nd Amendment – and Abolish the American Way of Life,” Donald Trump tweeted. No one will be SAFE in Joe Biden’s America!”

Donald Trump campaign national press secretary Hogan Gidley delivered a similar message on Fox News Monday.

“He’ll pop out of his basement every once in a while to say ‘Defund the police!'” Gidley claimed. “Our jobs aren’t safe, families aren’t safe, and our American way of life is not safe … Joe Biden is waging war on all three.”

Bozo Biden: ‘Abolish the American Way of Life’


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