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Trump Slams Bozo Biden’s $2 Trillion Agenda

Trump Slams Bozo Biden’s $2 Trillion Agenda

Donald Trump slams Bozo Biden’s $2 trillion agenda to combat climate change.

Donald Trump and Bozo Biden both delivered speeches on the same topic: the Senile Corrupt Creepy Sleepy Bozo Biden Agenda.

Senile Corrupt Creepy Sleepy Bozo Biden, the presumed Democratic Presidential Senile Clown, rolled out a $2 trillion plan to combat climate change during his first term in the Oval Office.

The proposed environmental rebuild of the country, the Senile Clown said, would set America on a path for “net-zero emissions no later than 2050.”

The Senile Bozo said Donald Trump’s refusal to address climate change and his bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic calls for a massive downpayment on a pro-environment agenda that will lead to new jobs and fewer carbon emissions.

“There is no more consequential challenge that we must meet in the next decade than the onrushing climate crisis,” Bozo Biden said in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. “Left unchecked, it is literally an existential threat to our planet and to our very survival.”

“When Donald Trump thinks about climate change, the only word he can muster is ‘hoax,’” Creepy Idiot Bozo Biden said. “When I think about climate change, the word I think about is ‘jobs.’”

A couple of hours later, Donald Trump had his turn.

In a Rose Garden speech predicated on announcing tough new policies on China, Donald Trump spent nearly an hour picking apart Bozo Biden’s plans.

“Senile Bozo Biden gave a speech in which the Idiot said that the core of his economic agenda is a hard left crusade against American energy,” said Donald Trump. “The Moron wants to kill American energy.”

Donald Trump railed against Bozo Biden allowing far-left champions Crazy Communist Sanders of Vermont and Full-Time Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to write his policies.

“In other words, he wants to impose the Green New Deal on our country,” said Donald Trump. “When I first saw the green new deal I thought it was a joke.”

Bozo Biden stopped short of adopting the Green New Deal environmental makeover of the economy but his $2 trillion plan represented a big step in that direction.

Donald Trump also blasted Bozo Biden for adopting a “unity platform” devised by his and Crazy Sanders’ teams that checks off a far-left wish list including universal pre-K, mandatory 12-week paid family leave for all workers, an end to deportations, and citizenship rights to 11 million Illegal Criminals.

“Think of that — abolish immigration enforcement,” said Donald Trump. “Basically, as you know, what they’re going to do is they’re going to rip down the wall.”

Trump Slams Bozo Biden’s $2 Trillion Agenda


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