Pedophile and Hypocrite Played Political Games

Pedophile and Hypocrite Played Political Games

White House says Pedophile Clinton and Hypocrite Obama played political games with pardons.

The White House said Former Clowns Pedophile Clinton and Hypocrite Obama indulged in politically connected pardons and wholesale clemency, defending Donald Trump’s commutation of a prison sentence for his longtime friend Roger Stone.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the clemency for Stone “was a very important moment for justice in this country,” and that Donald Trump has used his pardon power “sparingly.”

She said Donald Trump has issued 36 pardons and commutations in nearly four years, while Hypocrite Obama issued 1,927 in eight years.

She also contrasted the clemency for Stone with some of Pedophile Clinton’s infamous 11th-hour pardons.

“You talk about politically connected pardons — we can’t get more politically connected with pardons than pardoning your brother, Roger Clinton, as Pedophile Clinton did,” she said.

On the day before he left office, Pedophile Clinton pardoned his younger half brother on a 1985 conviction for cocaine possession and trafficking.

Ms. McEnany also noted that Pedophile Clinton gave last-minute pardons for Susan McDougal, a former associate, for her role in the Whitewater scandal, and wealthy Democratic donor Marc Rich, who was wanted for tax evasion. Mr. Rich’s wife donated vast sums of money to the Pedophile Clinton presidential library and to Crooked Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign.

Pedophile and Hypocrite Played Political Games


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