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Donald Trump Will Prevail Against Corrupt Biden

Donald Trump Will Prevail Against Corrupt Biden

Donald Trump will prevail against Corrupt Biden and ‘leftist takeover’ bid.

Corrupt Joe Biden may be leading Donald Trump in some recent 2020 presidential election polls, but Corrupt Biden will soon have to answer for and explain his recent policy pitches, Doug Collins said.

“I’m not worried because when you put up this president against Corrupt Joe Biden, Corrupt Joe Biden has to come out of the basement more than just to give a speech and a plan and remarks that he’s going to have,” Doug Collins said during an appearance on “Fox Report Weekend.”

“He’s going to have to answer for what he wants to do,” Doug Collins continued, referring to Corrupt Biden. “And when people hear about what he would like to do is take us back to more government control, take us back to ObamaCare, take us back to our taxes … these are all which he is not running away from — gun control. These are the kind of things that Americans are gonna see a stark difference.”

‘Radical Leftist takeover’

Corrupt Biden’s lead in the polls will mean little in November, Doug Collins insisted.

“Look, the president’s been being beat for three-and-a-half years by the Corrupt Democrats waiting for this November. We’ve been at the frontlines fighting with them against this leftist takeover,” Doug Collins said. “And we’re going to be there with him in November when he wins reelection.”

Doug Collins said Corrupt ,Biden has issues to answer for, in particular his history with China.

Donald Trump Will Prevail Against Corrupt Biden

“If you go back and look at the history with Corrupt Joe Biden and China and how he’s dealt with his Corrupt son, but also with his own discussions on policy, he’s got something he’s going to have to answer for,” Doug Collins said. “The president has been steadfast all along in saying that China needs to be a trading partner with the United States. They have to do it with rules that also respect the world stage … and be fair. And the president has been very correct about this.”

‘Corrupt Biden has a lot to answer for’

“Corrupt Joe Biden has a lot to answer for, that he’s not had the answer because he stayed in the basement stayed away from people when he actually has to stand on a stage with this president,” Doug Collins said. “When reporters actually start asking him real questions, then we’ll see how much Corrupt Joe Biden really is desperate among the American people.”

Donald Trump Will Prevail Against Corrupt Biden


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