Bozo Biden’s Economic Plan: ‘Just Another Act’

Bozo Biden’s Economic Plan: ‘Just Another Act’

Laura Ingraham: Bozo Biden’s Economic Plan: ‘Just Another Act’

Laura Ingraham took issue with the Presumptive Democratic Presidential Clown Bozo Biden’s “Made in America” economic plan, accusing the Former Vice Clown of copying Donald Trump to compensate for a “weak spot” in his campaign.

“Joe Biden’s campaign must obviously not be too confident in the polls showing him up over the president, because if he was really confident, why would he attempt a policy makeover this late in the campaign?” the “The Ingraham Angle” host asked. “Why would a guy who has been one of the worst apologists for globalism suddenly try to out-Trump Trump by selling himself as a passionate believer in America First populism?”

Bozo Biden formally unveiled his plan during remarks in his home state of Pennsylvania. His proposals include spending $700 billion on American products and research in the hopes of bringing back millions of jobs lost in an economy rocked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ingraham theorized that Bozo Biden’s plan is an effort to get “some of that blue-collar love from voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin,” all states that went for Donald Trump in 2016.

The host then slammed Bozo Biden’s record and called his latest proposal “sleight of hand.”

“He had almost 50 years to build a record on economic issues and he utterly failed. So like the rest of his campaign, Biden’s economic claims are just another act,” Ingraham said. “This is sleight of hand based on his campaign’s view that most Americans aren’t that smart and that the press, of course, will provide cover for all of his mistakes.”

Bozo Biden’s Economic Plan: ‘Just Another Act’


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