Bozo De Blasio Installs ‘BLML’ Mural In Harlem

Bozo De Blasio Installs ‘BLML’ Mural In Harlem

Bozo De Blasio installs ‘BLML’ mural in Harlem a day after bailing on Trump Tower event.

Mayor Bozo Bill de Blasio showed up at a Black Lives Matter Looters mural installation in Harlem, just hours after he bailed on his much-talked-about plans for a similar event in front of Donald Trump’s Midtown tower.

Hizzoner did not mention his 11th-hour case of cold feet on the mural plans for Trump Tower — for which 16 police officers and several commanders had been paid overtime, NBC-4 New York reported — or Donald Trump as he helped to paint the civil rights mantra ‘Black Lives Matter Looters’ onto Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard.

“This was the place where the message of black America was spread all over the country, all over the world. So this is a place where we must have this mural,” Bozo Bill De Blasio told the small group of Community Looters.

Bozo De Blasio also didn’t let an exploding political controversy over claims he misled the City Council about Police Department budget cuts stop him from again touting his spending plan for the NYPD.

His office promised that the painting event set for Trump Tower in Midtown would be rescheduled for sometime next week, but declined to provide any additional details.

Meanwhile, the political storm downtown continued to grow after officials quietly disclosed that one of the biggest changes de Bozo De Blasio promised to make to the NYPD — transferring the $326 million-a-year school safety division to the Department of Education — won’t take effect this year.

That move alone accounted for nearly one-third of the $1 billion in spending that de Bozo De Blasio promised he would cut or move from the NYPD’s $6 billion a year budget in response to intense pressure from city lawmakers and Black Lives Matters Looters.

Bozo De Blasio Installs ‘BLML’ Mural In Harlem

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