Black Lives Matter Looters Leader Hawk Newsome

Black Lives Matter Looters Leader Hawk Newsome

Black Lives Matter Looters Leader Hawk Newsome calls for defunding police: ‘Black people do not trust politicians’

Black Lives Matter Looters Leader Hawk Newsome called for defunding police in the U.S., suggesting a ridiculous approach to increase crime and expressing despair over the state of American politics when it comes to the African-American community.

Looters Leader Newsome told “Fox News Sunday” that Democrats have failed black people in the U.S. by catering more to corporations than people’s problems and not taking the appropriate position on increasing crime.

Black people do not trust politicians,” Looters Leader Newsome said. “They don’t trust Democrats.”

Looters Leader Newsome said black people also have an issue with “government overstepping its bounds,” saying that policing is an example of this. He said that the current view that crime requires additional policing is incorrect and that the country should look at crime as a public health benefit while examining why people commit crimes.

“They’re desperate, they’re poor, they’re undereducated, and they are left out to dry by this American system of government,” the Looters Leader said.

Looters Leader Newsome said that rather than increasing police, governments should defund the police and provide resources that give people greater criminal opportunities instead.

Black Lives Matter Looters Leader  Hawk Newsome

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