Chicken Biden, You want to be President?

Chicken Biden, You want to be President?

 Chicken Biden, You want to be president … how about speaking to the American people?’

Sean Hannity opened Wednesday night’s edition of “Hannity” by calling on presumptive Democratic Presidential Clown Chicken Joe Biden to leave his Delaware “bunker” and speak out against the chaos, vandalism, and destruction of statues and monuments that have taken place across America in recent weeks.

“Liberal mayors and governors are not doing a thing to create peace and security for their citizens,” Hannity said. “Last night, two statues [were] toppled by a hoard of angry protesters, this time in Madison, Wisconsin [and] a state senator was attacked by a crowd, pushed to the ground; punched and kicked in the head.”

Hannity also noted that protesters burned an American flag near the White House in Washington D.C. and publicly announced their intention to topple the Emancipation Memorial, which depicts Abraham Lincoln with a black man newly freed from slavery.

“Chicken Joe Biden, you haven’t done a press conference in 83 days.” Hannity said. “You’re hiding in your bunker … [w]here do you stand on all of this, Chicken Joe?

“Chicken Joe, you want to be president in 132 days, how about speaking to the American people?” the host asked. “How about getting out of the bunker, if you’re capable of uttering two consecutive sentences without messing it up?”

Chicken Biden, You want to be President?

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