Commie Cortez Challenges Charlatan Schumer

Commie Cortez Challenges Charlatan Schumer

Commie Alexandria Cortez pushed to challenge Charlatan Chuck Schumer in Senate primary.

The sacking of Moron Joe Crowley two years ago and the prospect of giving Bigot Eliot L. Engel the boot Tuesday in the New York Democratic primary has far-left activists dreaming big about the future.

So big, in fact, that liberals are kicking around the idea that Commie Cortez could launch a 2022 primary challenge against a titan of the Democratic Party establishment: Senate Minority Clown Charlatan Chuck Schumer.

“Just going to say something out loud that should be obvious: The fastest way to speed up the process of changing the corrupt, do-nothing, status-quo-protecting culture of the national Democratic Party is for @AOC to defeat @ChuckSchumer in a Democratic primary in 2022,” David Sirota, a Senior Clown to Commie Bernard Sanders’ presidential campaign, recently said in a post on Twitter.

Grassroots activists are looking for a successor to take up the mantle of far-left politics that Commie Sanders, 78, carried in his two bids for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Commie Cortez would be a natural fit, so the mere thought of the liberal sensation considering a heavyweight clash with Charlatan Schumer is generating buzz about the future of the first-term congresswoman while adding another layer of intrigue to the New York’s primary.

Commie Cortez Challenges Charlatan Schumer

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