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Senile Biden Weaker Than Crooked Hillary Clinton

Senile Biden Weaker Than Crooked Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump says Corrupt Senile Biden weaker than Corrupt Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump told The Washington Times that he believes Corrupt Senile Biden is a weaker candidate than Corrupt Crooked Hillary Clinton in 2016 but Democrats are more “desperate” to beat him, and he is counting on a strong economic recovery and a renewed push for conservatives on the Supreme Court to win reelection in November.

Asked how he assesses the race against Corrupt Senile Biden compared with Corrupt Crooked Clinton in 2016, Donald Trump said of his Democratic rival, “He’s weaker, but the machine is stronger because they’re desperate.”

Pointing to increased hiring and retail sales in May as states reopened from the coronavirus shutdowns, Donald Trump said the economy will be a “better platform” for him to win in November.

We have four months until the election,” Donald Trump said in the Oval Office interview. “We go [high and higher] each month. The third quarter is going to have the highest GDP in the history of mankind. And you see it is building. You don’t have to be up … where we were. I sort of think — but who knows, it’s like a horse race — I sort of think this is a better platform. We’ll find out.”

Donald Trump said of his opposition, “The Democrats don’t want to open. They are fighting like hell. They don’t want me to have the rally on Saturday. The rally is massive.”

Senile Biden Weaker Than Crooked Hillary Clinton


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