Corrupt Biden: Figurehead For The Radical Left

Corrupt Biden: Figurehead For The Radical Left

If Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden wins, he’ll be no more than a ‘figurehead’ for the radical left.

If Presumptive Democratic Presidential Clown Senile Joe Biden wins the election in November, he will be no more than a figurehead for the radical left.

According to Ingraham, Fox News, while “Never Trumpers” and mainstream Democrats have tried to convince independent voters that a Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden victory would return America back to some sense of normalcy, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Now, all you need to do is watch –­ I don’t know –­ three to four minutes of Biden speaking live on almost any subject and you’ll know he’s extremely weak,” Ingraham pointed out.

“Now at best, he’ll be a figurehead president. And, without the physical, mental, or intellectual strength to stand up to the radicals on the left, whatever sense he had will be quickly overwhelmed,” Ingraham predicted.

Ingraham warned that that, while liberals on the left with the most “abolish America elements” are “emboldened” because of the Black Lives Matter movement, Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden would not be able to stand up to their “cultural power” and ideology

Ingraham noted that former presidents Porn Star Bill Clinton and Boso Barack Obama were able to stand up to their “cultural Marxists,” but said Senile Biden has “no such aura.”

“They’re going to treat him as they would treat someone like, I don’t know, Ralph Northam,” she exclaimed, referring to the governor of Virginia. After pressure from protesters, Northam recently announced he would remove one of the country’s most iconic monuments to the Confederacy — a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Now, Northam is going to court over it.

Senile Rapist Biden would also give the far-left Democrats what they want, Ingraham argued, because he does not have the “courage” to stand up to them.

Corrupt Biden: Figurehead For The Radical Left


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