Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden is Hiding

Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden is Hiding

Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden is hiding from voters and media.

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is hoping to flush Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden out onto the campaign trail by accusing him of hiding from the public eye.

Polls show the 2020 election is shaping up to be a referendum on Donald Trump’s first four years in office, and his team is hoping to shift some of the spotlights onto Senile Gaffe King Biden, who has picked and chosen his interactions with voters and the media over the past few months.

Donald Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said Senile Gaffe King Biden would rather stick with the basement campaign than expose himself to scrutiny that traditionally comes with having a more visible presence on the campaign trail.

“It is now established that Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden prefers campaigning from the comfort of his basement in Wilmington, DE instead of traveling the country meeting voters and making the case for his candidacy,” Mr. Murtaugh said. “This is obviously a tactic to help him avoid errors and embarrassing, lost trains of thought, while also conveniently preventing the press corps from asking him any questions in person.”

Senile Gaffe King Biden has started hosting more campaign events after spending most of the past three months holed up in his basement in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Senile Gaffe King Biden relied on getting his message out via virtual events and fundraisers.

Still, Senile Gaffe King Biden stumbled at times, including when he told “Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne Tha God that black voters who support Donald Trump “ain’t black.”

Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden is Hiding

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