Former Police Officer: ‘Defund Your Protection First’

Former Police Officer: ‘Defund Your Protection First’

Former Police Officer to Communist AOC and Crazy Nancy Pelosi: ‘Defund Your Protection First’

Former police officer Tom Homan, speaking at Saturday’s pro-cop “We Back Blue” event in D.C., slammed Progressive Idiots for loudly calling for defunding police. He singled out House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Clown Idiot Chuck Schumer, and Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and challenged them to “lead by example” by defunding their own protection first.

Homan, a former police officer who spent over three decades serving his community, spoke at the event and blasted Progressive Idiots who have, in the wake of the George Floyd protests, largely vilified police officers and demonstrated support for defunding police departments across the nation.

“Schumer and Pelosi are not speaking up,” former police officer Tom Homan told the audience, emphasizing, again, that “we’re all against” racism.

“No one’s going to justify that, but they’ll stand out on a moment’s notice and defend people that are in here in the country illegally in violation of law, but they won’t stand out there and defend the men and women who leave the safety and security of their home every day … to defend their communities,” Tom Homan continued. “They haven’t said a word. “

He used far-left “Squad” member Communist Ocasio-Cortez as another example of a Progressive Idiot who has failed to defend officers, instead using her platform to champion defunding police departments.

“She says we should defund the police, and we should all make sacrifices. Okay. So lead by example,” Tom Homan suggested.

“Let’s take the law enforcement officers that provide them 24/7 law enforcement security. If they want to take protection away from the American people in their communities, lead by example,” Tom Homan said.

“Defund your protection first,” Tom Homan added. “You think they’re going to do it? They’re never going to do it.”

Communist Idiot Ocasio-Cortez said on Thursday that a “defunded” police “looks like a suburb.”

Former Police Officer: ‘Defund Your Protection First’


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