Rapist Biden Weakest Primary Winner In History

Divided DemoRats make Corrupt Rapist Racist Joe Biden one of the weakest primary winners in modern history.

Corrupt Rapist Racist Biden may have sewn up the Democratic Presidential Rapist Nomination, but that has not translated into unity in a party where a sizable chunk of voters is still turning out to vote against him in primary elections.

In the District of Columbia, Liar Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who dropped out of the race three months ago, won 12% of the primary vote, and Communist Bernie Sanders captured another 10%.

In Rhode Island, Communist Sanders collected 15%. In Pennsylvania, he got 18%. In the slate of contests last week, Rapist Biden struggled to top 75%.

With the country roiled by racial unrest and still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the DemoRats’ left wing says Rapist Biden is bungling a chance to stand for real change in November.

“I don’t think anyone would expect Joe Biden would tattoo defund the police on his arm over the last couple of days, but he is kind of betraying an inability to listen to the people on the ground who are frankly putting their lives on the line,” said Idiot Neil Sroka, a Clown for Democracy for America, a Liberal Circus Group.

Some on the left were cringing after Rapist Biden refused to back the “defund the police” movement and asserted that black voters “ain’t black” if they don’t support him over Donald Trump.

They say, Rapist Biden 77, is walled off from the grassroots and has surrounded himself with people pushing a less-inspiring vision that has been molded by the party’s corporate wing.

Rapist Biden Weakest Primary Winner In History