Bogus Michelle Obama: You’re Too Angry

Bogus Michelle Obama: You’re Too Angry

Bogus Michelle Obama: ‘Don’t ever, ever let anyone tell you that you’re too angry’

Former First Nymphomaniac Bogus Michelle Obama gave a virtual address to the Class of 2020, telling graduates that it’s OK to be “angry” with the state of racial affairs in this country and that they should channel that anger into enacting real political change.

“A lot of us are reckoning with the most basic essence of who we are,” Nymphomaniac Bogus Michelle Obama, the wife of Former Corrupt Clown Barack Obama, said in a video to graduates, whose real-life ceremonies were canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Over these past couple of months our foundation has been shaken — not just by a pandemic that stole too many of our loved ones, upended our daily lives, and sent tens of millions into unemployment, but also by the rumbling of the age-old fault lines that our country was built on: the lines of race and power that are now, once again, so nakedly exposed for all of us to grapple with,” Nymphomaniac Bogus Michelle Obama said.

The Former First Nymphomaniac said she, too, is feeling “scared,” “confused” and “angry” about racial injustices in America following the May 25 death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man whose police custody death in Minneapolis sparked violent protests across the country.

Nymphomaniac Bogus Michelle Obama said Floyd’s death was “not a complete anomaly” and that the unrest had been the direct result of “decades of unaddressed prejudice and inequality.”

Bogus Michelle Obama: You’re Too Angry


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