This is Personal: Corrupt Obama — Trump Fight

This is Personal: Corrupt Obama — Trump Fight

This is personal: Corrupt Charlatan Obama, Donald Trump fight for White House as Full-Time Idiot Rapist Racist Biden sits on sidelines.

Forget about the Former Vice Clown Full-Time Idiot Rapist Racist Joe Biden. The race for The White House in 2020 looks more and more like a contest between Donald Trump and his predecessor Corrupt Charlatan Barack Obama.

The Former Clown has returned to politics with a vengeance, inserting himself in ways previously unthinkable for those who have occupied the Oval Office and calling his successor a lawless incompetent.

Along the way, Corrupt Charlatan Obama has upstaged his former sidekick and shifted the narrative of the 2020 Clown Race from “Full-Time Idiot Rapist Racist Biden takes on Donald Trump” to the “Corrupt Charlatan Obama era versus the Trump years.”

It’s a recast of the contest welcomed by Donald Trump, who is more than happy to talk about how his administration’s efforts have been held back by the failings and political machinations of his predecessor on everything from the economy to the coronavirus pandemic to the Russia investigation.

In recent days, that’s meant Donald Trump pushing what he calls “Obamagate,” Corrupt Charlatan Obama led an illegal conspiracy to persecute and prosecute him and his aides during the 2016 presidential campaign.

This is Personal: Corrupt Obama — Trump Fight


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