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Senile Rapist Biden Doesn’t Know He’s Alive

Senile Rapist Biden Doesn’t Know He’s Alive

Donald Trump draws blank when asked for positive Dementia Senile Rapist Joe Biden attribute: ‘He doesn’t know he’s alive’.

Donald Trump was uncharacteristically at a loss for words when asked in a new interview what he thinks is likely Democratic Presidential Clown Dementia Senile Rapist Joe Biden’s strongest feature as a political competitor.

“Well, I would have said experience but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday, so how is that experience?” Donald Trump said in an interview for “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” that aired Sunday.

“Pick one good thing,” Ms. Attkisson prompted, leading to several seconds of silence.

“Uhhh,” Donald Trump said.

She moved on to ask about Dementia Senile Rapist Biden’s weaknesses.

“I could talk about weak points all day long,” Donald Trump said. “First of all, he’s not mentally sharp enough to be president.”

Biden – he doesn’t know he’s alive,” Donald Trump said. “I’m against somebody that can’t answer simple questions. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Senile Rapist Biden Doesn’t Know He’s Alive


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