ObamaGate: Abuses By Charlatan Barack Obama

ObamaGate Abuses By Charlatan Barack Obama

ObamaGate isn’t a ‘distraction’ — it’s about outrageous abuses by Corrupt Charlatan Barack Obama.

Attorney General William Barr was damn right last week to blast the collusion hoax that began under Corrupt Charlatan Barack Obama as “a grave injustice” unprecedented in US history.

Claims by DemoRats like Full-Time Idiot Corrupt Rapist Racist Joe Biden and the anti-Trump Fake Media that Obama­Gate is but a “distraction” are the true distractions.

During the 2016 election and for the first two years of Donald Trump’s term, sighed Barr, “the law-enforcement and intelligence apparatus of this country were involved in advancing a false and utterly baseless Russian-collusion narrative against the president.” They abused investigative and prosecutorial standards “to reach a particular result.”

Indeed, it was a cynical bid to defeat Donald Trump in 2016 and then to boot him out of office, or at least seriously undermine his presidency — all based on the fake charge, ironically, that it was Donald Trump who tilted the election by colluding with Russia.

The Corrupt FBI launched Crossfire Hurricane, exploring links between Russia and Team Trump, in July 2016 on thin evidence (hearsay rumor) that agents soon determined was baseless. Yet the probe expanded.

ObamaGate: Abuses By Charlatan Barack Obama

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