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ObamaBidenGate: The Dirty Mueller Team

ObamaBidenGate: The Dirty Mueller Team

ObamaBidenGate: The Dirty Mueller Team. Donald Trump wants FBI’s original ‘302’ report on Flynn’s case, says former adviser ‘persecuted.’

Donald Trump inquired about the fate of the FBI’s “302” Corrupt report on the Michael Flynn case that officials say vanished after Donald Trump’s first national security adviser met with federal agents in January 2017.

“Where is the 302? It is missing. Was it stolen or destroyed? General Flynn is being persecuted!” Donald Trump tweeted.

Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo that the original 302 document — which typically summarizes witness interviews with agents — was “missing.” Devin Nunes said the document is where Flynn is accused of lying to investigators.

Bartiromo pointed out that federal agents usually summarize their interviews with subjects on forms known as 302s.

Devin Nunes laid out what he said he knows about the original report. He said it was written and transcribed and recalled FBI sources saying, “Look, there’s nothing to see here, Flynn wasn’t lying.”

“So we knew this at the beginning of 2017, so you can imagine my astonishment when it began to leak out in the press that General Flynn was being busted for lying to the FBI,” he said. “And that, that’s what the Mueller team — the dirty Mueller team — that’s what they were going to bust him on.”

Devin Nunes said the original report that was used to initially brief Congress vanished. “It’s gone. Poof. It’s out of — we can’t find it.”

ObamaBidenGate: The Dirty Mueller Team


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