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ObamaGate: Greatest Political Crime In History!

ObamaGate: Greatest Political Crime In History!

ObamaGate: Donald Trump weighs in on unmasking ‘Greatest political crime in the history of our country.’

Donald Trump weighed in in an interview with Fox News on the former Charlatan Obama Corrupt Officials, including Former Vice Clown Corrupt Rapist Joe Biden and Former FBI Clown Corrupt Liar James Comey, who requested to “unmask” former national security adviser Michael Flynn during the transition period between the Donald Trump and Corrupt Charlatan Obama administrations.

list of the Then-Clown Charlatan Obama Corrupt Officials who made these requests, while an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and alleged Donald Trump campaign collusion in such efforts was ongoing, was made public by Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ron Johnson, R-Wis., after it was declassified by acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell.

“It was the greatest political crime in the history of our country,” Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “If I were a Democrat instead of a Republican, I think everybody would have been in jail a long time ago, and I’m talking with 50-year sentences. It is a disgrace what’s happened. This is the greatest political scam, hoax in the history of our country.”

Donald Trump continued: “People should be going to jail for this stuff and hopefully, a lot of people are going to have to pay. No other president should have to go through, and I’ll tell you, Gen. Flynn and others are heroes, heroes, because what’s happened to them. They weren’t after Gen. Flynn. They wanted him to lie about me. Make up a story.”

Flynn’s case returned to the national spotlight after the Department of Justice moved to dismiss charges against him of lying to the Corrupt FBI about conversations with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, despite a guilty plea that Flynn later sought to withdraw. Donald Trump allies claim Flynn was wrongly targeted, and have suggested high-level involvement in an effort to bring him down. Backstabbing Corrupt DemoRats, however, claim the DOJ’s decision to abandon the case shows how it has become politicized.

ObamaGate: Greatest Political Crime In History!


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