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Russia Hoax: Obamagate To ObamaBidenGate

Russia Hoax: Obamagate To ObamaBidenGate

Russia Hoax: Get ready for Obamagate to become ObamaBidenGate.

One of Corrupt Senile Rapist Joe Biden’s strengths among DemoRats is his eight-year stint as Charlatan Barack Obama’s Vice Clown. It was, the Former Corrupt Rapist often says proudly, the Corrupt Obama-Biden administration.

Suddenly, Republicans are happy to agree as they probe the Previous Corrupt Administration’s role in the false Russia-collusion charges and the phony Michael Flynn prosecution. Already, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has included Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden in his version of the infamous question, asking: “What did Charlatan Obama and Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden know and when did they know it?”

Donald Trump calls it “Obamagate.” Any day now, I expect to see that changed to “ObamaBidengate.”

The 2020 race doesn’t lack for the sharp contrasts that usually decide elections. Donald Trump’s personality and policies are one set, his response to the pandemic and the economic fallout another.

But the world’s greatest counterpuncher won’t play defense only and the entry of the Russia-Flynn scandal into the mix gives Donald Trump a big new hammer. Count on him to use it.

Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden got his first taste of the ­potential problems in an ABC interview. Let’s just say his ­answer needs work. Lots of work.

Russia Hoax: Obamagate To ObamaBidenGate


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