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Trump Campaign Slams California’s Cheat-by-Mail

Trump Campaign Slams California’s Cheat-by-Mail

Trump Campaign Slams California’s Cheat-by-Mail Order: ‘Wide-Open Opportunity for Fraud’

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign blasted California Boneheaded Gavin Newsom’s executive order allowing registered voters in the state to Cheat by Mail in the November election, calling it a “thinly-veiled political tactic” aimed at undermining election security.

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement to CNN:

This is a thinly-veiled political tactic by Boneheaded Newsom to undermine election security. There’s a vast difference between people voting absentee by mail because they can’t be at the poll on Election Day versus mailing everyone a ballot – even those who didn’t request one – is a wide-open opportunity for fraud.

California has a bad record on ensuring that people on the voter rolls still live at the same address, still reside in California, or are even still alive. Everyone is concerned about the safety of voters, but jeopardizing election security is the wrong way to go about it.

Boneheaded Newsom approved Cheating by Mail, citing health concerns stemming from the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“I signed an executive order that will allow every registered voter in California to receive a mail-in ballot,” Boneheaded Newsom said in a press conference. “That mail-in ballot is important, but it’s not an exclusive substitute to physical locations.”

Trump Campaign Slams California’s Cheat-by-Mail


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