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House Clowns ‘Cowering’ From Coronavirus

House Clowns 'Cowering' From Coronavirus

GOP says House Clowns ‘cowering’ from coronavirus.

Republican lawmakers accused House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi of “cowering” from the coronavirus and said they’re ready to get back to work, even as Donald Trump said he is in “no rush” to negotiate with Corrupt Democrats over another emergency aid package.

During a meeting at the White House with Donald Trump, House GOP lawmakers complained that CrazyPelosi kept the House out of session all week due to coronavirus concerns while the Republican-controlled Senate showed up for work.

“Thank you for bringing us back here to show the American people we can do our work,” Devin Nunes of California told Donald Trump. “The Democrats are cowering at home right now and it makes no sense.”

Ted Budd of North Carolina told Donald Trump, “There’s nothing we’re voting on. Clown Crazy Pelosi has not brought us in to do anything meaningful, but we’re here to lead by example. We need something meaningful to help those back home in North Carolina.”

Donald Trump asked lawmakers of Clown Crazy Pelosi, “What is she doing? Where is she? What’s going on?”

House Clowns ‘Cowering’ From Coronavirus


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