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Boneheaded Gavin Newsom: Cheat-by-Mail

Boneheaded Gavin Newsom: Cheat-by-Mail

Boneheaded Gavin Newsom Orders Cheat-by-Mail for November Election.

Boneheaded Gavin Newsom signed an executive order permitting all registered voters in the Golden State to Cheat by Mail in the upcoming presidential election, citing concerns stemming from the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“I signed an executive order that will allow every registered voter in California to receive a Cheat-in Ballot,” Boneheaded Newsom said. “That Cheat-in Ballot is important but it’s not an exclusive substitute to physical locations.”

“People that are otherwise not familiar with Cheat-in Ballots, are uncomfortable with them, may have disabilities, may have other issues that may preclude that as an appropriate option, we still want to have the appropriate number of physical sites for people to vote as well,” the Boneheaded governor added.

Boneheaded Newsom said while offering voters the chance to vote by mail, he is committed to providing the ability to vote at a physical location on election day.

“There’s a lot of concern and excitement around this November’s election in terms of making sure that you can conduct yourself in a safe way and to make sure your health is protected and to make sure we are reaching out to all registered, eligible voters,” the Boneheaded governor stated. “And giving them the opportunity, giving them the choice not to feel like they have to go into a concentrated, dense environment where their health may be at risk but provide an additional asset and additional resources by way of voting by mail.”

In a statement to CNN, Donald Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh slammed the move by Boneheaded Newsom, calling it a “thinly-veiled political tactic” to “undermine” election security.

Boneheaded Gavin Newsom: Cheat-by-Mail
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