'Beijing' Senile Biden's 'fake tough-on-China routine'

Donald Trump campaign mocks ‘Beijing’ Senile Corrupt Biden’s ‘fake tough-on-China routine’

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign says that the Corrupt left-wing of the Democratic Clowns is exposing Senile Corrupt Joe Biden’s “fake tough-on-China routine.”

Beijing Biden can pretend to be tough on China, but there is more than four decades worth of material (plus some from the past year) that will make it impossible for him to deceive Americans,” the campaign said in an email.

Donald Trump has faced a barrage of criticism over the way he has responded to the coronavirus and been accused of trying to shed some of the blame by making a scapegoat out of China.

It also has sparked a back-and-forth between Donald Trump and Senile Corrupt Biden over who has been weaker on China.

The Senile Corrupt Biden campaign recently started airing an ad saying Donald Trump is resorting to negative attacks against the presumed Senile Corrupt Democratic Presidential Clown because he wants to distract from the fact that he left the nation unprepared and unprotected from the coronavirus.

They ad featured footage of Senile Corrupt Biden saying he would have insisted that American health experts were on the ground in China early on after the outbreak.

“But Donald Trump rolled over for the Chinese, he took their word for it,” the narrator says in the Senile Corrupt Biden ad.

But the Donald Trump campaign and the GOP says Senile Corrupt Biden is attempting to rewrite his “soft” record on China.

Senile Corrupt Joe Biden spent more than four decades in Washington standing up for the Chinese instead of American workers,” the Donald Trump campaign said. “To cover up his terrible record, his campaign is churning out videos negative towards China that ‘rely heavily on images of people of Asian descent,’ as The New York Times would put it if Biden were a Republican.”

They said Senile Corrupt Biden’s “left-wing base is going nuts” and “won’t let him even pretend to be tough on China.”

‘Beijing’ Senile Biden’s ‘fake tough-on-China routine’