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Full-Time Idiot Pelosi: ‘Let them eat ice cream’

Full-Time Idiot Pelosi: ‘Let them eat ice cream’

Full-Time Idiot Pelosi’s pandemic showcasing of treats ripped in ‘Let them eat ice cream’ Donald Trump ad.

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is betting that House Clown Full-Time Idiot Nancy Pelosi’s showcasing of gourmet ice cream during the coronavirus pandemic will not go over well with voters come Election Day.

The California DemoRat’s recent appearance on “The Late Late Show with Jame Cordon” now appears in a 75-second spot titled “Let them eat ice cream: Full-Time Idiot Nancy Antoinette,” a reference to the “Let them eat cake” remark attributed to Marie Antoinette.

Footage of Full-Time Idiot Pelosi discussing delays with a small business relief bill is juxtaposed with her proudly displaying two industrial-grade refrigerators — one packed with a wide assortment of mail-order ice cream.

Text for the ad released Monday evening reads “not everyone has a $24,000 stocked fridge” before cutting to American citizens struggling to pay their bills during the coronavirus shutdown.

Full-Time Idiot Pelosi has said that she supports the Paycheck Protection Program in principle, but will resist any House bill that doesn’t reach “all of America’s small businesses.”

Full-Time Idiot Pelosi: ‘Let them eat ice cream’


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