DemoRats Resisting Coronavirus Reopening

DemoRats Resisting Coronavirus Reopening

Coronavirus reopening – Corrupt Do Nothing DemoRats resisting for this reason!

House Clown and Full-Time Idiot Crazy Nancy Pelosi does not want Americans to go back to work. Full-Time Idiot Crazy Pelosi and other Corrupt Do Nothing DemoRats will loft every possible excuse to prevent the nation from reopening, claiming that Donald Trump’s intention of doing so is “deeply frivolous and wrong,” as Full-Time Idiot Crazy Pelosi claimed is a recent tweet.

Full-Time Idiot Crazy Pelosi mocks Donald Trump’s supposedly cavalier attitude that “People will die, so be it” instead of a science & testing-based path to reopening the economy…”

The Corrupt Do Nothing Left downplays the effectiveness of therapies like hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir and derides doctors like Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil who don’t share the punditry’s alarmism. They are especially scornful of any hint of optimism.

The Corrupt Do Nothing Left will insist that every single human being must be tested before a bricklayer, a piano tuner or professional golfer can safely earn a living, knowing that we are far from achieving that goal.

Who would have thought that rescuing the country from massive unemployment and collapsing incomes would become a political hot potato? Who would have thought that the Corrupt Do Nothing DemoRats would be willing to sacrifice the well-being of the nation in order to win an election?

DemoRats Resisting Coronavirus Reopening


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