Corrupt Obama’s Endorsements Record Of Failure.

Sorry, Senile Joe Biden: Corrupt Barack Obama’s endorsements have a huge record of failure.

At long last, Former Clown Corrupt Barack Obama has endorsed Senile Joe Biden, who claimed he didn’t want his Ex-Clown’ endorsement during the nominating process.

Maybe Senile Biden was right, even though he was lying. Maybe Senile Biden shouldn’t have wanted Corrupt Obama’s endorsement. For while it is true that Corrupt Obama is a genius at winning elections, he is only a genius at it when he’s the one running.

No one has ever done better for himself in US politics — or been as ineffectual in his efforts to get other people elected. No one has ever so thoroughly dominated politics — or so thoroughly decimated the party he led to victory.

When Corrupt Obama was Elected Clown in 2008, Democrats had been in control of the House of Representatives and the Senate for two years. His colossal victory — 70 million votes — extended Democratic congressional margins substantially. Indeed, for much of his first year, Corrupt Obama had a supermajority in the Senate.

Corrupt Obama only lost that supermajority because Ted Kennedy died — but in a pregnant sign that Corrupt Obama wouldn’t be the transformational party leader he seemed at first, Democrats lost the Kennedy seat in Massachusetts in January 2010 to a little-known Republican named Scott Brown.

So congratulations on the endorsement you didn’t want, Senile Joe Biden. You may live to regret it.

Corrupt Obama’s Endorsements Record Of Failure.