Full-Time Idiot Michael Rapaport

Full-Time Idiot Michael Rapaport

Full-Time Idiot Michael Rapaport: Never Forget a Hooker and a Con Man Run America.

Full-Time Idiot Michael Rapaport shared a Deranged Meme with his followers on social media stating that the United States is being run by a “con man” in Donald Trump and his “hooker” wife Melania Trump.

“NEVER FORGET,” Full-Time Idiot Rapaport caption the tweet, which included a photo of the couple that read:

“Just a reminder, a con man and a hooker are running America.”

Full-Time Idiot Rapaport didn’t detail any fraudulent activity concerning Donald Trump nor did he present evidence that Melania has ever worked as a prostitute.

But Full-Time Idiot Michael Rapaport has a long history of using his Twitter account to rant and rave against the Trump family and Republican lawmakers.

Last month, the Atypical actor similarly described Mrs. Trump as a “dumb animal” after she urged people to follow government instructions regarding handwashing and self-isolation. The Full-Time Idiot later removed his remarks from Twitter.

Full-Time Idiot Michael Rapaport


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