Idiot Alec Baldwin: ‘Don’t Bother Voting. Stay Home’

Idiot Alec Baldwin to Donald Trump Supporters: ‘Don’t Bother Voting. Stay Home’

Left-wing Idiot Alec Baldwin took to Twitter and told supporters of Donald Trump to “just stay home” on Election Day.

“I’ve got some voting advice for many of you struggling Trump voters. I picked it up from Trump himself,” Left-wing Idiot Baldwin bloviated. “Just stay home. You know, in your heart, that he is an incompetent idiot and self-seeking punk. Say you were sick. Say you were scared. Don’t bother voting. Stay home.”

Early this year, a HarrisX poll found that support for Donald Trump was in the 90 percent range among Republican voters. And a March 22 poll by Gallup found that 92 percent of Republicans approve of Donald Trump’s presidency. That level of support suggests that most Republicans plan on voting to give Donald Trump another four years.

Left-wing Idiot Baldwin routinely attacks anyone who might disagree with him politically. Only a few days ago, the Mission Impossible Idiot smeared millions of Americans by calling them “mentally ill” for voting for Donald Trump. The Left-wing Idiot has also accused Donald Trump supporters of “desecrating” American democracy, and causing the “near moral collapse of this country.”

Idiot Alec Baldwin:  ‘Don’t Bother Voting. Stay Home’