Left-Wing Pop Idiot Cher: ‘Willing To Kill Americans’

Left-Wing Pop Idiot Cher: ‘Willing To Kill Americans’

Left-wing pop Idiot Cher: ‘Are Republicans So Desperate to Win They’re Willing to Kill Americans’

Left-wing pop Idiot Cher is suggesting that Republicans are so desperate to win elections that they are willing to kill voters in Wisconsin in order to do just that.

Left-wing pop Idiot Cher made the comments in relation to the news that the Supreme Court had struck down an attempt by the state’s Democratic Clown Tony Evers to postpone voting in their upcoming Presidential Clowns Primary and local elections.

In their 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court said any attempt to delay the deadline for absentee voting would “fundamentally alter the nature of the election.”

Writing in her typically Deranged, Bizarre and Incoherent manner, Left-wing pop Idiot Cher suggested that Republicans want to kill voters in the state.

Grammatical translation provided:

“United States Supreme Court” and Republican politicians in Wisconsin are saying “you can exercise your right to vote and risk death,” or stay home and allow Republicans to win. Who the fuck are these people? Are Republicans so desperate to win they’re willing to kill Americans in their own state.

Left-Wing Pop Idiot Cher: ‘Willing To Kill Americans’

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