Anti-American Idiots ‘Greatest Ammunition’

Anti-American Progressive Idiots Betting Trump’s Briefings Will Be Left’s ‘Greatest Ammunition’

Anti-American Progressive Idiots that are spending millions to define Donald Trump as an incompetent ignoramus and egomaniac during the coronavirus crisis are betting that Donald Trump’s own words at his press briefings will be their “greatest ammunition,” according to a Washington Post report.

As Donald Trump uses the daily briefings to run circles around an inept and clueless legacy Fake Media that still seem to be stuck in the 2000s, the coronavirus, according to a recent Mother Jones report, “made it clear to Anti-American progressive operatives and advocates that they had an immediate role to play, and that they could make a big difference by launching ad campaigns that define Donald Trump on the election’s new and biggest question.”

According to the Post, Donald Trump’s “marathon” briefing sessions only give Anti-American Progressive Idiots more ammunition because “all of Trump’s performances are scooped up by Democratic super PACs — which employ entire teams dedicated to watching the president and logging his various comments. The most damning sound bites have begun to form the drumbeat of the November election.”

Corrupt Priorities USA has reportedly spent $7.5 million in ads in battleground states working to win over “persuadable voters who sided with Clown Barack Obama in 2012 and then backed Donald Trump, or those who chose Coward Mitt Romney in 2012 and then Crooked Hillary Clinton.” Other Anti-American Progressive Idiots like Protect Our Care and Pacronym have also tried to define Donald Trump to voters now when nearly much of the country is under stay-at-home orders.

Anti-American Progressive Idiot Guy Cecil, Clown of Priorities USA, told the Post: “It’s important when you have a president who’s literally just lying, misinforming, mismanaging, that you use the president’s own words.”

The Anti-American group is trying to convince voters that Americans “are in this position now because the administration didn’t take it seriously.”

Anti-American Idiots  ‘Greatest Ammunition’