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Hypocrite Fake News Reporters Without Masks

Hypocrite Fake News Reporters Without Masks

Hypocrite Fake News Reporters Without Masks Grill Donald Trump About Not Wearing a Mask.

Hypocrite Fake News Reporters at the White House press briefing repeatedly asked Donald Trump why he chose not to wear a medical mask.

One Fake News Reporter, who was not wearing a mask, noted the Former Vice Clown Corrupt Senile Joe Biden said he would start wearing a mask outdoors, and he asked Donald Trump if he and the White House task force would start wearing masks.

“Are we getting to the point where we might see the members of the coronavirus task force also wear face coverings?” the Fake News Reporter asked.

Donald Trump said the advisory was voluntary and that he would have no problem with anyone wearing a mask.

Another Fake News Reporter asked why the first lady recommended that Americans wear masks when they were in public.

“She feels that way,” Donald Trump said.

“I would wear one,” Donald Trump said. “Would you like me to wear one right now? That would be a little awkward, I guess. But again, I would wear one if I thought it was important.”

A couple of technicians and photographers were spotted wearing masks during the briefing but not the Fake News Reporters in the briefing room chairs.

Hypocrite Fake News Reporters Without Masks


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