Freak Debra Messing: Trump ‘Owns Every Death’

Freak Debra Messing: Trump ‘Owns Every Death’

Dumb Freak Debra Messing: Donald Trump ‘Owns Every Death’ from Coronavirus.

Dumb Freak Debra Messing has claimed that Donald Trump “owns every death” from the Chinese coronavirus, following reports that the U.S. Army warned that up to 150,000 people could die as a result of the pandemic.

The Daily Beast Dumb Freak published unclassified documents it claims were sent by the U.S. Army to the White House warning that in the worst-case scenario, up to 80 million people could be infected with the virus, up to 500,000 may require hospitalization, and that as many as 150,000 people could die.

Responding to the story being posted on Twitter, Dumb Freak Messing accused Donald Trump of doing “nothing.”

“HE. FUCKING. KNEW. 150,000 Americans DEAD,” the Dumb Freak said. “And he did NOTHING. #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath.”

As of Thursday afternoon, 240,37 Americans have confirmed cases of the coronavirus, while 5,807 of those have died. Another 10,365 have already made a full recovery.

Last month, the Will & Grace Dumb Freak also shared a deceptively edited video of Donald Trump dismissing the coronavirus as a “hoax,” suggesting that many of his supporters would die as a result of his lying. In reality, Donald Trump used the word “hoax” during a campaign rally to describe the Corrupt Democrats’ attempts to politicize the pandemic.

“LIAR-IN-CHIEF. #Maga have been unmoved by the 16500 lies 45 has made since elected,” the Dumb Freak said at the time. “Now that innumerable people (including MAGA) will die, because of his lies and inaction, I wonder if MAGA will recognize that 45 must be voted out?”

Freak Debra Messing: Trump ‘Owns Every Death’


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