Idiot Rosanna Arquette Tweets #TrumpGenocide

Idiot Rosanna Arquette Tweets #TrumpGenocide

Con-Artist Idiot Rosanna Arquette posted the ridiculous phrase “Trump Genocide” on social media, an apparent reference to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak that has become a global pandemic.

The Dumb hashtag #TrumpGenocide was a trending topic on Twitter, boosted mostly by unverified and unidentifiable left-wing Idiots. Con-Artist Idiot Arquette became one of the few Idiot figures to share it herself.

Idiot Arquette did not offer any other commentary, but the thrust of the meme is blaming deaths from the disease on Donald Trump’s alleged mismanagement or callousness. Another Idiot who promoted the hashtag was former Barack Obama Campaign Clown Jon Cooper, who also used the terms #TrumpVirus and #TrumpPandemic.

According to the United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention, the term “genocide” refers to the destruction of a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group through either murder, serious bodily or mental harm, inflicting conditions on them that lead to their physical destruction, imposing measures aimed at preventing births, or forcibly transferring their children to another group.

Idiot Arquette has spent the past week accusing Donald Trump and the Republican Party of mass murder. The Idiot declared that Donald Trump’s supposedly “cruel, vindictive, evil, and deeply immoral” policies were actively causing the deaths of American citizens, and on Thursday the Idiot suggested that the legacy of the Republican Party would be the “many deaths of innocent people.”

Idiot Rosanna Arquette Tweets #TrumpGenocide


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