Robert Davi: ‘Hold Crazy Pelosi Accountable’

Robert Davi: ‘Hold Crazy Pelosi Accountable’

Famous Robert Davi: ‘We Must Hold Crazy Pelosi and the Marxists Democrats Accountable’

Famous Actor Robert Davi has put out an impassioned plea for House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi and other Marxists Democrats to be held “accountable” for what he sees as their anti-business and anti-capitalist agenda in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic.

He also called on Crazy Pelosi, Hypocrite Chuck Schumer, and other Corrupt Democrats to stop “playing politics with our lives.”

Famous Actor Davi posted a series of videos to Twitter saying that Crazy Pelosi and other Idiots he described as “Marxists” are using the crisis as an opportunity to push a Communist plan on the American people. “Every plan that the Democrats have is corrupt,” the License to Kill actor said. “What they want is what Communist Bernie Sanders wants, which is a revolution… They’re using this to collapse the nation.”

Crazy Nancy Pelosi has been a key force blocking the passage of a $1.6 trillion Congressional stimulus package that would provide much-needed relief to Americans as the global coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten the U.S. economy. Along with Hypocrite Schumer, Crazy Pelosi has criticized the bill for being too pro-business.

Famous Actor Davi said in his Twitter video that private businesses form the backbone of the U.S. economy. “Unless there are businesses there are no workers of the world,” he said. “The left will take your freedoms away from you. The left is dangerous.”

Robert Davi: ‘Hold Crazy Pelosi Accountable’

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