The Crazy Bernie Bros Diehards Are Vowing Revenge

The Crazy Bernie Bros Diehards Are Vowing Revenge

The Crazy Bernie Bros Diehards are vowing revenge. Crazy Bernie Bros Diehards warn of ‘massive exodus’ if Democrats nominate Corrupt Senile Joe Biden.

As the Presidential Clown Campaign of Communist Bernie Sanders continues to crash and burn, the Communist’s most Crazy hard-core supporters are vowing they will never vote for Corrupt Senile Joe Biden at the ballot box — even if that means handing Donald Trump a second term.

“We will never – NEVER boost or support Corrupt Senile Joe Biden or defend his abysmal record and terrible policy positions,” Henry Williams, executive director of The Gravel Institute, told The Post. “We will tell people, as we always have, to vote their conscience and to make decisions based on the interests of all the world’s oppressed people … I do expect a massive exodus from the Democratic Party.”

Williams, along with David Oks and Henry Magowan, are the driving forces behind the brief presidential campaign of Mike Gravel, an 89-year-old former Alaska senator who left the race in August. The trio then became enthusiastic Crazy Bernie Bros Diehards.

“I don’t know if I could vote for Corrupt Senile Biden,” said a high-profile local Democratic Socialist. “Corrupt Senile Biden is just an old white guy who inspires nobody. I sincerely think he will lose the electoral and popular vote and I know I won’t be voting for him in New York.”

The Crazy Bernie Bros Diehards Are Vowing Revenge


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