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Communist AOC Rips Coronavirus Relief Bill

Communist AOC Rips Coronavirus Relief Bill

Communist AOC rips coronavirus relief bill as ‘completely insufficient,’ the idiot calls for cash infusions, reimbursing students.

Radical Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, blasted the coronavirus response during her first virtual town hall Saturday, and ticked off a list of new ridiculous priorities including universal basic income, student reimbursements and expanded health care.

The Bronx Radical Communist voted early Saturday morning for the new Ridiculous House Legislation to offer paid sick days, expanded food assistance, emergency paid family leave and free coronavirus tests because it signified progress.

“It is a step forward, but it is completely insufficient,” Radical Communist Ocasio-Cortez said Saturday during a video conference with her constituents on the pandemic response and the 2020 Census.

Radical Communist Ocasio-Cortez called for working families to get cash infusions, like the Communist Universal Basic Income Idea of Andrew Yang, the former White House Clown. Since many low-income workers will be forced out of jobs because of the nationwide shutdown of the commercial sector, Radical Communist Ocasio-Cortez said the moment calls for bold action for an economic safety net.

“We really need to make sure that we are advocating and pushing for immediate cash infusions,” Radical Communist Ocasio-Cortez said. “We are asking for a complete halt to student loan payments, a halt on evictions nationwide. And we are also calling for mortgage relief.”

Communist AOC Rips Coronavirus Relief Bill


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