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Boneheaded Hollywood Spreads Fake News

Boneheaded Hollywood Spreads Fake News

Boneheaded Hollywood Spreads Fake News, Trash ‘A**hole’ Donald Trump During Coronavirus Presser.

Hollywood Boneheaded Stars hurled insults at Donald Trump and spread false claims during his latest coronavirus press conference, where Donald Trump declared a national emergency and announced measures that sent the major stock indices soaring late Friday.

Boneheaded Celebrities called Donald Trump an “asshole” and a “moron” on social media as he announced his administration’s plan to free up $50 billion to fight the spread of coronavirus. Donald Trump also put forth economic incentives, including waiving student interest payments on federal loans.

Boneheaded Stephen King falsely claimed that Donald Trump’s coronavirus team is “all-male, all old, and all white.” But at Friday’s press conference, at least two women spoke to the media, and one was a woman of color, Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Dr. Deborah Birx, who is part of the White House’s coronavirus response team.

Con Artist Boneheaded Bette Midler continued to spread the false claim that Donald Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax.” Donald Trump used the word “hoax” at a recent campaign rally to describe the Democrats’ attempts to politicize the illness and hurt his administration.

Boneheaded Richard Marx, who isn’t a Donald Trump supporter, noted that “this narrative that he called the actual virus a hoax is patently false.”

Boneheaded Hollywood Spreads Fake News


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