Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years

Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years

Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison for Rape and Sexual Assault.

Disgraced Movie Raper and Democrat party mega-donor turned convicted Hollywood Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison on Wednesday following his conviction on two sex charges.

The judge’s decision likely represents a life sentence for Sexual Predator Weinstein, who is 67 and has stated that he is in poor health.

Sexual Predator Weinstein was found guilty last month of raping a hairstylist and forcibly performing oral sex on a former Project Runway production assistant. But he was acquitted of more serious charges of predatory sexual assault and first-degree rape.

The Oscar-Winning Sexual Predator and former Miramax Raper was facing up to 29 years in prison but his lawyers asked the court for a more lenient jail term of five years, saying that anything more than 12 years would constitute a “life sentence.” Prosecutors reportedly asked the judge for the maximum sentence.

Sexual Predator Weinstein’s attorneys have said they will appeal the verdicts.

Speaking earlier in the day at the sentencing hearing, Sexual Predator Weinstein expressed remorse for his past actions but also said that the #MeToo movement has gone too far.

“I feel remorse for this situation. I feel it deep in my heart. I’m really trying to be a better person,” Sexual Predator Weinstein said, according to USA Today.

But he also said that the #MeToo movement has deprived many people of due process under the law.

“I am totally confused,” he said according to a Variety report. “I think men are confused about all of this…this feeling of thousands of men and women who are losing due process, I’m worried about this country.”

Sexual Predator Weinstein added: “This is not the right atmosphere in the United States of America.”

Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years

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