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Left-wing Hollywood Blames Donald Trump

Left-wing Hollywood Blames Donald Trump

Left-wing Hollywood Blames Stock Market Free Fall on Donald Trump: ‘Having a Pathological Liar as President Is Deadly’

Left-wing Hollywood Wannabe Celebrities are moving on from freaking out about the coronavirus to freaking out about the stock market and many of them are predictably blaming the same person for both: President Donald Trump.

Left-wing stars and cultural idiots used the precipitous decline in the major stock indices on Monday to trash Donald Trump and even call for his removal from office. As the idiots endeavored to sew pandemonium on social media, the idiots resorted to calling Donald Trump an idiot, a jackass, and even “Donald Fuck.”

Left-wing Idiot Rosie O’Donnell called for Donald Trump to be removed from office due to the stock market’s decline on coronavirus fears.

Left-wing Idiot Bette Midler tweeted out her disdain for the way Donald Trump has handled coordination with international financial institutions and parts of his own cabinet.

Left-wing Idiot Actor Billy Baldwin called Donald Trump a “jackass,” adding that his leadership during the outbreak has caused stock markets around the world to the tank. Meanwhile, his brother Left-wing Idiot Alec Baldwin used concerns about the stock market to promote Corrupt Joe Biden’s bid for president.

Left-wing Hollywood Blames Donald  Trump


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