Crazy Bernie’s Resurrection And His Burial

Crazy Bernie’s Resurrection And His Burial

Michigan Was Once Crazy Bernie’s Resurrection. Now It Could Be His Burial.

When Communist Crazy Bernie Sanders scored the biggest upset of the 2016 primary, defeating Crooked Hillary Clinton in Michigan after late polls showed him losing the state by an average of 30 points, he celebrated it as a turning point in the campaign.

It sure was. Just not for the reasons Crazy Communist Sanders thought.

Where the Vermont Clown saw a sudden groundswell of support for his insurgent candidacy, a narrative that proved irresistible to much of the media, Democrats on the ground in Michigan saw something very different. They saw disturbingly low turnout. They saw Crooked Hillary Clinton failing to energize black voters. They saw young people and independents rebelling against the Democratic Front-Clown. They saw white working-class voters abandoning her, and the party, in numbers that were once unfathomable.

In other words, they saw a sneak preview of November 2016.

Communist Sanders’s team has long trumpeted his Michigan triumph as evidence of his ability to assemble a unique coalition and defeat the Democratic establishment. But a closer look at that contest, taken in the context of this year’s primary results, suggests that Communist Sanders’s own weaknesses are about to be exposed. And that, in turn, means winning Michigan will be far more difficult this time around. 

Crazy Bernie’s Resurrection And His Burial

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